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Senda del Oso – Bicycle rental “round trip”.

The Senda del Oso, also known as Ruta del Oso, occupies the old platform of a mining railroad that ran along “The Bear Walleys” and stopped working in mid-twentieth century , being converted to the mid-90s cyclist and hiker on track.

Being an old railway line , the slopes, and the difficulty is very low. The path is well signposted , with information panels , protected with wooden fences and a good firm compacted , which make the Senda del Oso , one of the best Greenways northern and suitable for the enjoyment of everyone.

The Senda del Oso, shaped Y. begins in the recreational area of Tuñón ( Santo Adriano ) with a common stretch of 10 km. Traversing the Council Proaza, later bifurcate in two different valleys, the Valley de Quiros whose end is Santa Marina and the Valley of Teverga finishing in Entrago.

Along the route , the Senda del Oso , going through several tunnels (with good lights), bridges and georgeus breathtaking, such as Peñas Juntas or Valdecerezales, and traces of industrial archeology.

One point of interest is located in the municipality of Santo Adriano, in the 5.5 km, where we can admire a host of luxury as they are, bears Paca and Tola.

Itineraries that can be performed

R01- Tuñón Recreational Area to Entrago, council of Teverga with a total of 40 km.
R02- Tuñón Recreational Area Valdemurio Reservoir , Valle de Quiros , with a total of 32 km . Round trip.
R03- Tuñón Recreational Area Santa Marina, in the Valle de Quiros, with a total of 48 km. Round trip.
You can make up to 72km. Crossing the valleys of Teverga and Quiros, making the trip back and forth.

Descending the Senda del Oso

D01- Entrago, recreational area Tuñon. 20 km of slight descent. Difficulty: Very easy.
D02- Entrago, Caranga, Pantano Valdemurio, Tuñon. 32 km with the option of a gentle climb to the swamp. Level: Easy. Option chosen by 90% of users.

Bicycle rental "Round trip"

The Senda del Oso in regional TV

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