Free delivery in arranged accommodations of Senda del Oso

in arranged accommodation of the Valles del Oso, so customers do not have to move your car and can walk the Senda del Oso bike, collecting comfortably in their seats. All persons who stay in the recommended accommodation, have a special price on bicycles, whether they come to pick them up at our facility, as if they deliver in the housing. Terms: Advance booking is essential at least 24 hours in advance. The helmet is included in the price, but must be requested at booking. Bicycles are delivered from 9:00 to 10:00 and collected from the closing time of the installation. (Varies depending on the time of year) On journeys of more than 20km, minimum 5 people groups. If they come to pick bikes to the center, must carry a proof of accommodation. and adapt to the times of the center. You can consult the concerted accommodation links and see if delivery of bicycles in them is possible. If your accommodation does not appear consult us. Book now online not wait any longer just click here.]]>

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