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Decline Senda del Oso

Decline Senda del Oso in 5 steps, discover it and enjoy it.

With little effort, our customers will have the option to make the descent of the Senda del Oso, either from Entrago in the Teverga Valley, or from Santa Marina, in the Valle de Quiros.

With older ideal for children and people not used to cycling, as it is a gentle descent in which you choose the pace and itinerary to perform activity..

Steps to perform the activity

Step 1

Making advance booking by phone, email, or contact reservations section.

Step 2

Receiving customers in our facilities the day and the time agreed, parking your car in our parking for free.

Step 3

Transfer of people and bicycles to the highest point of the Senda del Oso, where begin the gentle descent. During the transfer history of Senda del Oso, where to eat, safety, etc. will be explained.

Step 4

Explanation of itineraries, and adjustment of the material to the heights and needs of customers.

Step 5

Making the descent of the Senda del Oso, arrival to our facilities for the collection of your car and can go well he finished the activity or take a drink or wash up on our premises. Why you have to move your vehicle to the end and then having to wait to be picked up? Without any doubt, ours is the best choice. You can see a video explaining the activity, by clicking here.


The groups will be a minimum of 2 bikes, being essential to book in advance at least 48 h. in advance and must SPECIFIED IN THE BOOK, YOU WANT TO MAKE THE DESCENT.

The price per bike, will be from 17 € and will include rent, transport of bicycles and people, plus roadside assistance in case of breakdown or accident (accessories not included).
For complete rates click here.

Drop shifts in the mornings will be at 10:00 h., 11:15 h. and at 12:30 h. and in the afternoon at 14:00 h. and at 16:00 h. although there may be slight modifications thereof.

For groups of more than 12 people, consular data conditions in the foot or in our contact section or reservations.

Our company, is a pioneer in implementing the decline in Senda del Oso, beginning to realize it in the 2007 season, with the quality and experience an endorsement among our customers.
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Descending the Senda del Oso

D01- Entrago, recreational area Tuñon. 20 km of slight descent. Difficulty: Very easy.
D02- Entrago, Caranga, Pantano Valdemurio, Tuñon. 32 km with the option of a gentle climb to the swamp. Level: Easy. Option chosen by 90% of users.


Map of the path descending
Path descending in 5 steps
Descending Senda del Oso

Previous booking essential

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