Bicycle rentals Senda del Oso to do it in mode " back and forth"

Bicycles of all sizes including XXL, tandems, semitandems (tandems adapted for children), tricycle, carrying baby chairs, baby carrier carts, rickshaw carrying pets and bicycles adapted. For the more sophisticated guests who want a little more, Btt bikes Premium 27.5 wheel disc brakes and clipless pedals, pedals with toe piece, gel covers etc. There are many options available, being very large offer for the children. All of them can be found in the section booking bikes. It has all prices in our rates. It is possible to collect bicycles at our headquarters in Tuñon, or delivery of the same (for groups), recreational areas Buyera, Proaza, Entrago or Barzana. For delivery of the bikes at different points in our headquarters, ask about availability and conditions For inquiries, please, call us. It is  possible  to make a reservation The best quality bike to ride the Senda del Oso, the best price, no one gives much less. Book now online not wait any longer just click here]]>

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